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Re: [emft-dev] MWE dependencies and Docs was Re: [dash-dev] Hudson build jobs dependencies

On Apr 12, 2010, at 9:02 PM, Nick Boldt wrote:

> You might enjoy backing up your config.xml files so you can reuse them
> from one server to another. I've had some good successes creating a
> new job by the same name as an existing job on an existing
>'s Hudson, then copying that existing config.xml into
> the new server's job directory and restarting the new Hudson. Voila!
> Portable configuration, without all the clickety-click and
> typety-type.

Cool! Anything to avoid the "did I type that in right?" dance.

> I'm also working on porting the shell scripts that bootstrap builds on
> to Ant so that a build can be contained by a single
> build.xml rather than a collection of folders (or instructions). It's
> a little like the Maven way: check out ONE project, and voom, you can
> get everything else you need, hands-free, to run a build.
> Let me know if such a script would be of use to you.

Um...yeah. :)

I think that when the number of related build files goes up I quickly lose the thread and don't even try to get into the actual build -- instead just try to piece it together by looking at the properties. There is so much duplicated effort even within EMFT but on all of the projects and it would be nice to be able to just customize the new bits. Of course I'm sure folks have thought about this but if we could safely consume each other's artifacts as well that would speed the cycle up tremendously. Perhaps what's needed it yet another dependency mechanism that would be very high level, i.e. at the project or component level.

BTW, as a total aside to EMFT, but speaking of duplicated build functionality, I've just stolen the whole xtext doc builder infrastructure and was able to get it up and running with my docs in about 30 minutes. Very cleanly written and though not general very easy to customize. HTML, Eclipse Docs, PDF, etc.. Even added a task to copy the html and man over to my web project for manual commit to eclipse web. All I had to do change was move some of my stuff around, then change the scripts to use my project name and mediawiki task instead of textile. If anyone else needs I can generalize the changes to external properties and we could create a simple template project for it.

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