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Re: [emft-dev] MWE dependencies was Re: [dash-dev] Hudson build jobs dependencies

You might enjoy backing up your config.xml files so you can reuse them
from one server to another. I've had some good successes creating a
new job by the same name as an existing job on an existing's Hudson, then copying that existing config.xml into
the new server's job directory and restarting the new Hudson. Voila!
Portable configuration, without all the clickety-click and

I'm also working on porting the shell scripts that bootstrap builds on to Ant so that a build can be contained by a single
build.xml rather than a collection of folders (or instructions). It's
a little like the Maven way: check out ONE project, and voom, you can
get everything else you need, hands-free, to run a build.

Let me know if such a script would be of use to you.


On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 6:28 PM, Miles Parker <milesparker@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yeah, cool, but it sure has been a trauma to get it converted over.  The XText / XPand stuff has been particularly trying for the SDK approach because the dependencies were scattered across four different an update required going to each individual site and finding the right links. This last time, one of them didn't even exist, so I decided that I finally had to switch.
> Only took me 60 tries to get all of the magic dependency formulas right.. :( Though that's not really Dash / Hudson's fault -- it is easy to miss stuff when digging through the console log. And also to be fair, part of my problem is that Hudson is the first time I'm actually doing a real feature based build as I don't do a local PDE build. When just using the SDK downloads its easy to get away with that because as long as you grab a big distribution, you have all the plugin dependencies you might possibly ever need.
> I need to get my local machine going of hudson, which should be easier with the update site approach (I've got Hudson up and running, I just need to do the configuration part), though actually as long as I'm not getting in the way of other builds, using the build server is probably more efficient than trying to download everything to my local machine, especially as I can easily fire one off from my laptop late at night. Oh well, at least my build is somewhat cleaner now..
> On Apr 9, 2010, at 2:52 PM, Nick Boldt wrote:
>>> AFAIK Athena allows to add features from p2 update sites to the target
>>> platform.
>> Correct.
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