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Re: [emft-dev] Project Termination

As previous Emfatic committer, I just wanted to say I'm confident that Sven and team will take Emfatic to new usability levels.

In case you wonder my whereabouts, I do keep contributing to open-source, of the Scala variety. Of all things, to the compiler itself:

May be see you there one of these days ;-)


Miguel Garcia                                     miguel.garcia@xxxxxxx
Institute for Software Systems (STS), E-16
Technische Universitaet Hamburg-Harburg
Schwarzenbergstrasse 95
Building E, 4th Floor
21073 Hamburg (Germany)

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we would like to take care of EMFatic.
That is we want to work on an Xtext-based implementation.
But we won't be able to start on it before end of this year.


On Feb 18, 2010, at 6:47 PM, Ed Merks wrote:


Due to project inactivity, I plan to ask for termination reviews of EMF Temporality, EMFatic, and EMF Search. If anyone has any concerns or would like to step up, please speak up now. By the way, Ecore Tools is in need of active committers as well, or at the very least, a release engineering support. Volunteers will be most welcome.

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