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Re: [emft-dev] Re: Adding dependency to the common build infrastructure

Hi all,

For those in need of a dependency towards subversive (or any other project which is only distributed through update sites), take care of using the ant target "getUpdateSiteDependency" instead of the classic "getDependency" in you customTargets.xml ... this will save you some trouble :).

Thanks again Nick for the work and time you put on this build infrastructure, that's a great help!

Laurent Goubet

Laurent Goubet a écrit :
Thanks a lot, will try to add this without breaking our own build :).

Nick Boldt a écrit :
Added (along with support for Search, Mint, and MTL, too).

As long as the input URL has "Subversive-" in it, it'll be found and turned into ${subversiveURL} and ${subversiveFile}.

You can also add this to the $regex pattern in your /modeling/../../build/_common.php file so it'll be preselected on the build page and for automated builds.


Laurent Goubet wrote:
Basically, we're using the Modeling Build for EMFT Compare, and I need to build a new feature that depends on subversive and (repository URL ). I could create the feature and customTargets all right, but as expected the build fails because of this missing dependency. I then wanted to add

<ant target="getDependency" antfile="${buildDirectory}/../org.eclipse.modeling.common.releng/scripts/getDependencies.xml">
   <property name="url" value="${subversiveURL}" />
   <property name="file" value="${subversiveFile}" />
<property name="isUnpackedFile" value="${buildDirectory}/plugins/" />

to the postSetup but ... were can I define the subversiveURL and subversiveFile ? I don't want to put the full URL to the zip file, qualifier included, in this. I think this is set in the script "" but I don't wanna break all the builds by modifying this manually :p. Is there a way for you to add this dependency so that clients can depend on it?

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