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[emft-dev] Re: Adding dependency to the common build infrastructure

Added (along with support for Search, Mint, and MTL, too).

As long as the input URL has "Subversive-" in it, it'll be found and turned into ${subversiveURL} and ${subversiveFile}.

You can also add this to the $regex pattern in your /modeling/../../build/_common.php file so it'll be preselected on the build page and for automated builds.


Laurent Goubet wrote:
Basically, we're using the Modeling Build for EMFT Compare, and I need to build a new feature that depends on subversive and (repository URL ). I could create the feature and customTargets all right, but as expected the build fails because of this missing dependency. I then wanted to add

<ant target="getDependency" antfile="${buildDirectory}/../org.eclipse.modeling.common.releng/scripts/getDependencies.xml">
   <property name="url" value="${subversiveURL}" />
   <property name="file" value="${subversiveFile}" />
<property name="isUnpackedFile" value="${buildDirectory}/plugins/" />

to the postSetup but ... were can I define the subversiveURL and subversiveFile ? I don't want to put the full URL to the zip file, qualifier included, in this. I think this is set in the script "" but I don't wanna break all the builds by modifying this manually :p. Is there a way for you to add this dependency so that clients can depend on it?

Nick Boldt ::
Release Engineer :: Eclipse Modeling & Dash CBI

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