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[emft-dev] Re: [gmf-releng] Re: Galileo build failed

While this is all fascinating, the fact remains that there is a site.xml
pointing to a file that doesn't exist.

And, I can't imagine anyone cares to download 2.4.0 RC3 from the EMF update
site, now that 2.4.0 has been released.

- Rich

On 2/5/09 3:05 PM, "Nick Boldt" <nickboldt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> * The system, in theory, does its own maintenance and cleanup every time
> a new build is added to the pile. Also in theory, we should never end up
> with site.xmls that reference jars that are missing because the full
> list of required jars comes from Master zip (signed + packed jars) ->
> unpacked site on build server -> directory listing of included jars ->
> jarlist.clean*.txt files.
> ----------
> So, the reason that EMF (Core) 2.4.0RC3 is still on the update site is
> that it's the second newest milestone/stable build for EMF (Core) 2.4.
> There's also 2.4.2RC1 on there. This is intentional.
> What may not be intentional is that there are three site*.xml files in
> the site, and I'm not sure from which one the content.jar and
> artifacts.jar metadata are produced. I'd expect it to be the site.xml
> (73K) file which should include EVERYTHING, not the smaller
> site-galileo.xml (16K) or site-ganymede.xml (40K), but I'll have to
> verify that.
> We may need to split these sites into separate streams for eclipse 3.4
> and 3.5, if p2 or the amalgam/galileomatic is getting confused.

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