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[emft-dev] Please Have Your EMF and EMFT Plans in Place by End of the Day Sept 30th!


I've been hunting through the EMF and EMFT website repository looking for plans.  I've attached the PSF file for it.

Here's what I found for EMF:
Here's what I didn't find for EMF
Given that net4j is a separate component/project, it needs a plan...
No sign of a teneo plan.
No sign of an SDO plan.
The SDO plan is my responsibility.  Bad puppy for not having it ready yet! Very bad puppy!!  But my EMF plan is rendering correctly now so you could copy the general form.
I copied my from Christian.  Good puppy. Very good puppy!!

Note that if you copied an earlier version of the EMF plan please noticed that all html elements need to be html: qualified or you can use <div xmlns=""> to implicitly quality anything nested in the section.  Also note that Nick described the process we're using for marking bugzillas so that they'll appear in the plan.
I need to begin marking the EMF bugzillas appropriately; so much to do and so little time.  Nick will help me update the queries so likely you can copy the query style once we get that ironed out later today hopefully...

Of course EMFT is not escaping big brother's attention! 

Here's what I found in EMFT:
Here's what I didn't find:
No sign of a search plan
No sign of a mwe plan.
No sign of a mint plan.
No sign of a jcrm plan, though I know Sandro was working on one.
No sign of an emfatic plan.
No sign of an emf4net plan, though I know Reinhold is working on one.
No sign of an ecore tools plan.
texo looks very empty...
temporality looks very empty.
Cedric is my favorite committer now. :-P  You too can win favor by making sure your plan is in place by the end of the day Tuesday.  Failure to do so will have unforseable consequences, that you'll probably not like.  Public humiliation will be the least of your concern.  Given that EMF is a mature project, lack of plans for its components/subprojects will be particularly glaring!)

I personally still need to do the XSD plan as part of MDT as well.   I know the old saying: don't put off until tomorrow what you can put off altogether.  But the plan is a foundation requirement so please don't put it off past the deadline.  I'm an Eclipse board member and I will be privately humiliated if you guys fail to conform!  I'd like to remind you that misery loves company!


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<psf version="2.0">
<provider id="">
<project reference="1.0,,www/modeling,modeling"/>

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