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[emft-dev] Reminder: it's Gany SR1 and Gali M2 +1 week!

1. EMF 2.5.0M2 & Galileo M2 +1 week

I'm expecting to publish EMF 2.5.0M2 tomorrow night, barring any objections from the committers. Galileo M2 [0] is upon us!


2. Ganymede SR1

Also, please remember that tomorrow morning is the server freeze for Ganymede SR1 [1]. If you haven't already published your bits (some projects had early .1 releases in August), please wait until after 9:05am GMT-5 [2] to do so, as we did in June. It's important that multiple components from the same project not try to publish at the same time. So, as we did in June, let's all drop into IRC channel #eclipse-modeling [3] to coordinate activity. I have three builds I personally need to push: GEF 3.4.1, JET 0.9.1, and UML2 2.1.1.


Nick Boldt :: Release Engineer, IBM Toronto Lab
Eclipse Modeling ::

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