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Re: [emft-dev] Ganymede End of Days: RC5 week

Hi Nick
unfortunately the compare component will need an RC5 build because of the 
following issue : (pmc approved).

There is no downstreams for compare so I guess things keep being simple.



Le 13-06-2008 20:56, Nick Boldt a écrit :
> I'd like a show of hands from the various projects -- who need an RC5
> build next week, and who are fine with renaming their RC4 or RC4a builds?
> The reason I ask is because next week is the LAST chance to get anything
> changed, and we need everything in place by EOD Wednesday so that the
> final EPP packages can be built.
> ***At this time, I'm going to assume that NO ONE will need an RC5 build,
> so disillusion me ASAP if that's not the case. Everyone downstream from
> you will need to be building with this updated build.**
> *
> Once the platform has declared what its final build will be called (and
> posted it on the Signoffs page [1], everyone can run the
> [2] script to copy their RC4(a)/RC5 build's bits and fix up any
> references to previously-named builds.
> [1]
> [2]
> For those high up the stack (EMF, GEF, Net4j) this means that you'll run
> this script and fix up any references to the Eclipse driver used. For
> those lower down, you need to replace a lot more strings (EMF, UML2,
> OCL, GMF, etc.). If you don't like the automated old=new pair syntax,
> you can do this by hand. Just edit your R build's build.cfg file to fix
> up the references so that your build page will correctly list the R
> builds, not the RC builds. You *do* still have to run the script to
> rename all the zips and the md5 files, but the script manipulation can
> be done the hard way if you prefer. :)
> Once everyone has their builds renamed, ***DO NOT PUBLISH*** them until
> we get the green light to do so on Monday June 24 [3].
> [3]
> Any questions, please don't hesitate. Let's have a smooth final RC week
> and an even smoother Release day!

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