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[emft-dev] Final steps for Modeling Project components in Ganymede :: G-Day Minus 1

Apologies if you get this more than once... having some problems sending mail to the new umbrella address modeling-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx, and I'm guessing a lot of component leads may not follow modeling-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx. Because of bug 236300, I have to send this mail separately to one or two mailing lists to avoid its bouncing.


Quick summary:

* Rename now, if you haven't already.
* Wait June 24, after 9am GMT-4.
* Coordinate with others to avoid problems. Use IRC, mailing list, and wiki to report status.



You've probably all read this already, but just in case, here's the chronology and process for the next 24hrs:

1. Rename your build, using the future names listed in the R column of the Signoffs page. (If you're wondering why those links 404, it's because it's not June 25 and we haven't published them yet!)

Do not spin a fresh build! Use the script to rename the zips, md5 files, and to update the list of dependencies on your build page. Should anything be missed, you can manually edit your build's build.cfg file to update the website.

2. Wait until you're told it's safe to promote your build

3. Coordinate with others so that you promote in logical order and avoid disk write collisions. Only one component per project should be running their promote at a time!

I'd suggest that everyone be on IRC in #eclipse-modeling so they can announce when they're done with their promote. If you can't connect to IRC because of firewall issues, use Because not everyone will be online at the same time, we should back that up with emails to the modeling-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx (as modeling-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx isn't working yet -- see bug 236300), and update the wiki once your promote is complete.

I'm planning to personally promote EMF, GEF, JET, and UML2. If you need me to assist w/ other promotes (or renames), ask and I'll add you to the queue. Payment can be in the form of chocolate or liquid refreshment [1].

Happy G-Day [2], everyone!


Nick Boldt :: Release Engineer, IBM Toronto Lab
Eclipse Modeling ::

Nick Boldt :: Release Engineer, IBM Toronto Lab
Eclipse Modeling ::

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