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Re: [modeling-pmc] Re: [emft-dev] Proposal for Texo Component

Hi Sven,
I completely agree with your analysis about current generative approaches in some common frameworks. I have considerable experience with Seam. Seam contains a tool called seam-gen which generates a web app on the basis of a set of annotated java classes or a database schema. The issue I have with seam-gen is:
- the templates are difficult to customize
- no ide (==eclipse) integration (to accomplish for example code formatting or project integration)
- no merging/re-generation support
- no (or very limited) way to influence the generation logic from the outside (for example by extra annotations), or using a dsl - the templates are just not advanced enough to cover many different scenarios - the generated application just does not look nice at all (this is a personal opinion ofcourse, but imso generated apps should be demoable right from the start)

When I then look at how EMF works and what EMF together with m2t tools (workflow/xpand) can do then I am convinced (as you are) that there is a large opportunity there for the Eclipse Modeling groups.

There is a strong tie between the proposed Texo project and EMF/EMFT, Texo will be based on ecore-models and at runtime Texo will allow access to EMF-models (from the generated code). I understand what you are saying regarding domain-specific-applications. However because Texo has a strong EMF relation, EMFT seems a good place to start. Depending on the success and if there are other more logical main projects then it can make sense to move there ofcourse.

gr. Martin

Sven Efftinge wrote:
Hi all,

this sounds very cool. We all know that there are many general frameworks (web, RCP, SOA, etc,) out there which would profit from generators. Some of them (Ruby on Rails, Grails, SEAM just to name a few) already use code generation a lot. Unfortunately they use wizard-style passive code generation, where you generate once and further change the generated code manually. So most of the time generators are just used to get users up and running as fast as possible. Also they come up with concise languages to descibe domain models (internal DSLs). Those languages are not statically typed, have to fit into the host's syntax and have no tool support at all (EMP can do better). IMHO there should be some more projects like Texo, which show how EMP can be used.

As EMFT is for EMF technology I find that those projects don't fit well there. We should create a new Project for such domain-specific applications of EMP.
What do you think?


btw: +1

On Apr 16, 2008, at 12:34 , Ed Merks wrote:

Extended EMF Community,

Martin Taal, the lead for the Teneo component, recently announced his
intent to work on the Texo component which will focus on exploiting
modeling technology for building web applications.

I request the community's approval to create this new component as part of the EMFT subproject with Martin Taal as the component lead. Please reply with +1 or -1 on this thread. Obviously I recommend you give a +1, given Martin's outstanding track record with Teneo and his exemplary support for
it.  All EMF and EMFT committers are eligible to vote, so please take a
moment to do so.

Ed Merks/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
mailto: merks@xxxxxxxxxx
905-413-3265  (t/l 313)

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