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[emft-dev] Re: EMFT "Project" Compare 0.7.0 release without a Release Review?

As far as I can remember, it's always been the policy that any M.N releases, including 0.N releases, require a review. Eclipse just doesn't allow *any* unreviewed releases. It's mostly about IP protection, but it's also about the community notification. I'm sorry if you had the wrong information or if I had provided the wrong information, but that's always been the policy.
I realize on re-reading that the section on releases in incubation:
is somewhat vague, although if one reads carefully you'll see that projects are encouraged to have interim (0.N) releases in order to practice the practice of a full Release Review - that implies that 0.N releases require a full Release Review. I will clarify that language.

Nick Boldt wrote:
When did the policy (or its interpretation) change? Releasing incubating components in 0.x versions w/o going through a review has been BAU for the past 2 years.
As for components versus projects:
"Components are dependent, managed by the enclosing Project, and do not have independent release schedules."

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