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Re: [emft-dev] EMFT "Project" Compare 0.7.0 release without a Release Review?


At the risk of incurring wrath, I have to admit I was under the same
mistaken impression.  So we're all very sorry for making a mistake and
we'll endeavor to avoid making such a mistake again.

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I'll rename the release as soon as possible, sorry about that. I'm afraid I

misunderstood the process as I though the release review would concern
projects and not components, most especially components still being in
incubation phase.


Le Wednesday 12 September 2007 20:40:18 Bjorn Freeman-Benson, vous avez
écrit :
> Dear Modeling PMC and EMFT Developers,
> Why is it that the EMFT Compare component has released a 0.7.0 release
> without an official Release Review?
> All projects must have Release Reviews for M.N releases, including 0.N
> releases. The Release Reviews are important for a number of reasons.
>elease_Review Please explain how the EMFT project did not have a Release
> Review.
> - Bjorn
> P.S. And why does it say "?project=" on that URL when it's a component,
> not a project?

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