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Re: [emf-dev] [CDO Releng tools] setup tool?

Hi Eike,

Thank you for your answer. I have started to write something on your holder page. I have seen you have already improved my version.

Now the next question: 
If I want to write something about dynamic working sets, should the page be:
or something else as sub-page of CDO.
=> I personally do not care, but it depends how you see "dynamic working sets" (a standalone project or a sub-project of something else).

You also asked about my use case:
I want to see if I can use the Setup tool to create the Eclipse Workspace containing the different Scout Demo Applications. This is a small use case, before trying to convince the Scout committers team (and the developers in our company). This use case is also a good possibility to use the Setup tool in another context: for example GitHub instead of git at
A long term vision could be to be able to propose a nice way to setup the demo workspace inside of "Eclipse for Scout Developers".

My Idea is to go step by step on your different CDO Tools. If I find time, I also like to blog about it.



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Hi Jeremie,

I have developed this "Setup Tool", so let me try to give you answers below...

Am 20.12.2013 07:25, schrieb Jeremie Bresson:
> Hi everybody,
> At EclipseCon Europe 2013, I had the chance to see a demonstration 
> during a lunch break by Ed Merks for a tool that take care of the setup of an Eclipse IDE to work on a specific project (EMF and CDO so far).

Originally I developed the tool for CDO users/contributors, then Ed contributed the configuration for EMF and now there are already eight projects:

>  From what I remember the features includes:
> - Provisioning correct set of plugins in the Eclipse IDE.
> - Binding Git repos (incl. personal gerrit push URL).
> - Checking out projects.
> - Setting workspace preferences.
> - Configuring Dynamic Working set.
> - Keeping in Sync project preferences files.
> - .
> Maybe more. I do not remember all the features.

Yes, it can do a lot more but you've probably hit the major benefits ;-)

> The whole thing was model driven, with the possibility to customize a 
> lot for each project/each branch/each user.


> The project looks really promising, and I like to try it by myself. I have a use case in mind.

Of course I'm very interested in possible use cases. May I ask about yours?

>I would like to check if it is possible to use the tool I saw.

You're invited to try it out. Just download, unzip and start the installer:

> I couldn't find any documentation.
> Have you started something?

The installer comes with a help page (see above). There's no authoring guide, yet, because I'm still busy working on the tool itself (although it works properly in really most cases).

> If not, can you indicate where I could start to work on something on the Wiki?

Good idea! I've added a place holder page:

> Here some first questions:
> * Where is the discussion mailing list or forum to speak about this tool?

Until I've decided upon the final container project for the tool (currently it belongs to my CDO Releng tools) that 
would be the EMF newsgroup or this mailing list.

> I have tried this mailing list, because I couldn't find anything else.
> * Where is the bug tracker? Is it "Product=EMF, Component=CDO.releng".


> Thanks in advance for your inputs.

Thank you for trying it out. Hopefully you can provide me with interesting feedback. Merry Christmas and



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