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[emf-dev] [CDO Releng tools] setup tool?

Hi everybody,


At EclipseCon Europe 2013, I had the chance to see a demonstration during a lunch break by Ed Merks for a tool that take care of the setup of an Eclipse IDE to work on a specific project (EMF and CDO so far).


From what I remember the features includes:

- Provisioning correct set of plugins in the Eclipse IDE.

- Binding Git repos (incl. personal gerrit push URL).

- Checking out projects.

- Setting workspace preferences.

- Configuring Dynamic Working set.

- Keeping in Sync project preferences files.

- …


Maybe more… I do not remember all the features.

The whole thing was model driven, with the possibility to customize a lot for each project/each branch/each user…


The project looks really promising, and I like to try it by myself. I have a use case in mind. I would like to check if it is possible to use the tool I saw.


I couldn’t find any documentation.

Have you started something? If not, can you indicate where I could start to work on something on the Wiki?


Here some first questions:

* Where is the discussion mailing list or forum to speak about this tool?

I have tried this mailing list, because I couldn’t find anything else.


* Where is the bug tracker? Is it “Product=EMF, Component=CDO.releng”.


Thanks in advance for your inputs.





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