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Re: [emf-dev] May I ask about EMF's Kepler M1 plans?


Dennis has enabled builds for our maintenance streams and we still have the builds for the head of the stream, so I think everything is in place. 

Note that I've not properly incremented bundle/feature versions for the maintenance fixes I've done in both streams.  Eike Stepper and I have been working on a tool that automatically checks for the missing required increments much like API tooling checks for API changes and missing corresponding version changes.  We'll be able to share that tool with the Eclipse community in the coming week (when we've finished documenting it).


On 07/08/2012 6:08 AM, David M Williams wrote:
Hi all,

As I hope you know :) Kepler M1 +0 is this Friday. We in the Platform (try to) produce our (final) candidate for it Wednesday night at 8 PM Eastern.

In the past, for Juno (at least, near the end, when I started to get it right) we'd get EMF's "final base build" Wednesday afternoon, even though the reset of EMF is not due until later.

How's it going for Kepler? Same plans?  Will you have anything new for Kepler M1?

From looking at
it appears you have done some builds since Juno, but, none since mid-July, and I do not yet see any "2.9 repositories" under
(for neither S-builds nor I-builds).

So, thought I'd ask explicitly. I'd be fine with no changes for EMF for Kepler M1 (less work for me:) but wanted to be sure we kept our plans in sync.

Thanks for any info.


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