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[emf-dev] Mylyn Context Bridge / Request for large models

Hi all,

I'm going to be working on a context bridge for EMF and graphical editors. This is a Mylyn and Tasktop project but obviously overlaps quite a bit with Modeling efforts.

Please see for more but the basic idea is that you will be able to get task-focussed slices of an EMF or UML model in the same way that Mylyn gives you task contextualized focus for your overall workspace. The idea is to support those larger models that are difficult to grok and work with all at once. See David Green's blog from a couple of years back for more on the basic idea. Cool, huh? There are a lot of challenges involved and I'll be posting on the forums or dev-lists as appropriate to let people know as the functionality gets into place, but I wanted to see if there were other folks out there interested in the approach and who'd like to share ideas or kick the tires. I think Papyrus folks might be particularly interested.

One this I could really use are large public (i.e. no confidentiality issues) EMF / UML models for design targets and demos. Any source or ideas for larger models would be appreciated.



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