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Re: [emf-dev] EMF Core Build

Dear Vlad ,

I was just signifying the fact that you spoiled the plot of a "good science fiction movie" which some people might want to watch too. I tried to keep the constructive tone you used in your note.

Going back to the EMF issue : obviously some people cares about the build  (I do !) and moving it to Athena would ease the integration of new people to maintain it.


Le 25/01/2010 11:15, Vlad Varnica a écrit :
Dear Cedric,

We are not at my children's garden Junior School so please explain your point of view and don't reply such a  way.
Kind Regards,


Cédric Brun wrote:
Spoiler !

Le 25/01/2010 10:58, Vlad Varnica a écrit :

I watched a good science fiction movie named  "The day the earth Stood Still" last week on my SkyBox last week.
Keen Reeve was an Alien named Klaatu" coming to earth to decide how to save the earth.
He had long talks etc....but at the end his conclusion was that the only way to save the earth was to get rid of human being and let animals leave in peace.
Hopefully a professor explained to the Alien that: "all civilizations only change when they're at the precipice of a crisis.  He says human will change, now that they are really at the edge of destruction".
At the end of the movie the sphere and Klaatu have disappeared.  Then EVERYTHING shuts down - lights, buildings, cars, etc.  People everywhere cautiously emerge.

Do you think there is a parallel between EMF and the edge of destruction ?

Vlad Varnica


Marcelo Paternostro wrote:

Dave and I have been talking about EMF builds and the issue worry us a bit. Although most of the work can be automated, the build does require some attention: from running scripts and checking test results on a regular basis, to actually maintaining the build in order to provide new artifacts or fix something that got broken due to changes in a dependency. Since neither Dave nor I can assume this responsibility, ideally someone else would step up to task. This person would hopefully be committed to all parts of code and, for example, make some noise even if a test focused on a less important piece fails (a test for the mapping support for example).

An alternative to have a single soul working on this is to gather a pool of people and share the burden. Dave and I could be members of this pool, if this makes sense.

Btw, if it helps making this topic a little more exciting, Dave and I are willing to move the EMF build to Athena (Nick has already done some of the required work!). Obviously "old build or Athena" is a completely irrelevant matter if no one cares about EMF builds. If that's indeed the case, is it OK if EMF doesn't have a new build? All affected projects, people, and companies are OK with it?

Anyhow, the microphone is open for everyone. Any input is welcome.

Best regards,

Marcelo Paternostro
IBM Canada Lab

From: Dave Steinberg/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
To: emf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 2010/01/12 10:41 AM
Subject: [emf-dev] EMF Core Build
Sent by: emf-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi all,

I'm going to be changing jobs at IBM in a week, and as result, working on EMF will not be part of my "day job." I'd like to remain a committer and stay involved in the project as much as possible.

One responsibility that I'll need to shed, however, is the EMF Core build. Mostly this has just meant pushing buttons on the build system that Nick built, ensuring things work, and manually filling in the gaps when they don't. But I don't feel I can be the single point of failure for getting EMF built and promoted anymore.

So I'm wondering if someone else is willing to take primary responsibility for build stuff, or if we could somehow share it amongst committers? Also, would it be helpful to finally move to the Athena Common Build, or to further enhance the existing modeling build? It would be great if we could have builds automatically run when new changes are committed and have weekly I builds promoted automatically if they are clean (no build or test errors). If there's some work that's needed up-front to make things easier in the future, I'm willing and able to contribute some effort now. Marcelo has indicated to me that he's willing to help, too.

Everyone's input would be much appreciated.


Dave Steinberg
Rational Software - IBM Toronto Lab

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