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[emf-dev] EMF Core Build

Hi all,

I'm going to be changing jobs at IBM in a week, and as result, working on EMF will not be part of my "day job." I'd like to remain a committer and stay involved in the project as much as possible.

One responsibility that I'll need to shed, however, is the EMF Core build. Mostly this has just meant pushing buttons on the build system that Nick built, ensuring things work, and manually filling in the gaps when they don't. But I don't feel I can be the single point of failure for getting EMF built and promoted anymore.

So I'm wondering if someone else is willing to take primary responsibility for build stuff, or if we could somehow share it amongst committers? Also, would it be helpful to finally move to the Athena Common Build, or to further enhance the existing modeling build? It would be great if we could have builds automatically run when new changes are committed and have weekly I builds promoted automatically if they are clean (no build or test errors). If there's some work that's needed up-front to make things easier in the future, I'm willing and able to contribute some effort now. Marcelo has indicated to me that he's willing to help, too.

Everyone's input would be much appreciated.


Dave Steinberg
Rational Software - IBM Toronto Lab

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