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RE: [emf-dev] Promoting EMF Query, EMF Transaction and EMF Validation to Helios

Hi Anthony,


the separation is a very good thing. Thanks !


However we intended to use Athena for our builds. Although until an easily accessible option for build publishing is available there we probably should use both: Athena and Modeling Common Build.





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Subject: [emf-dev] Promoting EMF Query, EMF Transaction and EMF Validation to Helios


Hi Team,

Not sure why it was done like this, but EMF Query, EMF Transaction and EMF Validation are promoted to the simultaneous release builds using a org.eclipse.emf.emfqtv.all-feature. This feature contains all three of EMF Query, EMF Transaction and EMF Validation.

org.eclipse.emf.emfqtv.all-feature is in EMF Transaction, which means if we want to push a new build of EMF Query and EMF Validation, we also need to run a EMF Transaction transaction build and push both.

This is a pain, so I am going to separate out the three components and push them separately to Helios.

This will also give us three build files in Helios and will help with debugging. I will also add them to the modeling category so we can actually see EMF Query, EMF Transaction and EMF Validation in the consolidated helios update site.

I plan to get this done in M5.

Any concerns with this?

p.s. Just to confirm as well, we are still using the Modeling Common Build for EMF Query, EMF Transaction and EMF Validation, we are not using Athena. I pushed the M4 bits using the Modeling Common Build.

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