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[emf-dev] ESetting/EOperation Delegate


With Galileo out of the door I thought now would be a good time to tackle some 
new challenges. Well, not so new, actually... It's about bugs and
to dynamically specify the behavior of derived features and EOperations.

Based on the patch from --- which happens to 
contain the changes for 216701, too --- we have implemented a proof-of-concept 
that lets us specify derived properties, operations, and validation rules with 
Xtend. From a user's perspective, this is pretty cool: The ecore file merely 
defines the static structure of the model without any annotations. You specify 
the behavior in separate *.ext files, thus making use of Xtend's excellent 
editor with content assist and syntax validation. We then register a special 
EPackage.Descriptor in the Registry that instruments the meta-data and 
attaches the appropriate EAnnotations to make use of the SettingDelegates and 

I'd like to contribute this code to Xtend, but before I can do this, we'd have 
to complete the work on bugs 216701 and 255469. I'd be willing to help out 
with these issues. But I don't really know what _exactly_ needs to be done to 
make the patches ready for prime-time.

Ed, can you write something like a TODO list? I can spare some time over next 
couple of weeks to work on this.


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