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Re: [embed-cdt-dev] Embedded CDT v6.0.0 major release preview

Hi Liviu,

I'm not pretty sure that I understand well the version increment policy for Embedded CDT.

Currently, mostly everything in the Embedded CDT source base declared as an API, either intentionally or not. So, the move of "API" UI class from .core to .ui space formally requires to increment the major version segment for the bundle. For example, the `org.eclipse.embedcdt.core.AbstractUIActivator` tends to transfer to `org.eclipse.embedcdt.ui.AbstractUIActivator`, and we will have the major version change for `org.eclipse.embedcdt.core` bundle. Following this, the release that will include the full core/ui/branding split should be 7.0.0

If some API was declared unintentionally it is very good time to mark the corresponding package as "x-internal" before declaring 6.0.0.


17.11.2020 12:24, Liviu Ionescu пишет:
The new release is fully integrated into SimRel and EPP.

The release record is:


The links to the binaries are not final, for the moment they point to:


There is still work in progress, Alexander started to split the plug-ins into core/ui/branding, but this will take some time; work will happen on the separate 'develop-spilt' branch.

When ready we'll probably make a new v6.1.0 release. If this will be still in the timeframe of 2020-12, we'll integrate it into SimRel, otherwise it'll go into 2021-03.



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