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[embed-cdt-dev] Embedded CDT v6.0.0 major release preview

I made a first release for the new major v6.0.0:

The code is in the develop-v6 branch:

Although updating an existing Eclipse running version v5.x seems functional, I would still recommend, as for major releases, to create a new workspace and import the projects.

.cproject definitions seem to be accepted by the new plug-ins; the same for the debug launchers.

Some of the internal preferences are automatically fetched from the old namespaces and re-written to the new ones, but there might be many which are not, and this means they will be lost during the upgrade. I'll take a second look and try to improve the logic for all, but I'm not sure I'll handle all; thus the recommendation to use a fresh workspace.

What remains to be done is:

- to rename the Java packages
- to split .core from .ui classes

I'll work on these issues during the next few days.

For those interested in the project, it would be very helpful to try the new version and let me know of any issues, to have enough time to fix them before the 2020-12 freeze date, when we also have to decide if v6 is ready to go into 2020-12 or not.



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