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Re: [embed-cdt-dev] maven build

> On 7 Nov 2020, at 19:06, Alexander Fedorov <alexander.fedorov@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> But do you have similar error when you compile this project in Eclipse IDE (not with Maven, but with PDE) using the updated target.

Good question. My project is configured only with a maven nature, I don't know how to configure 'PDE with the updated target'

> I'm asking because Eclipse PDE can highlight some issues with .target or with dependencies.

The only errors I see are related to 'IGDBJtagConstants.ATTR_JTAG_DEVICE', which seems to be no longer defined in CDT 10.

It looks like upgrading from Neon will not be as easy as I expected, I'll revert to CDT 9.2.1 for the moment.


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