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Re: [embed-cdt-dev] Eclipse Embedded CDT on Raspberry Pi 4

Oh, that is so awesome, Liviu! Congrats! The world -- even Intel -- is going ARM, and one of these days the x86 will be the 'legacy' code.

On 8/8/20 4:15 AM, Liviu Ionescu wrote:
Take two. This time it is a CDT (happy!) issue.

CDT native support for Aarch64 is functional, I was able to run a debug session, in this specific case using an emulated STM32F4-DISCOVERY via xPack QEMU Arm (which runs on Aarch64, as all other binary xPacks).

The Eclipse on the left was started in debug mode by the bottom Eclipse, where a test CDT archive provided by Jonah was imported, compiled and integrated with the Embedded CDT plug-ins.

As before, the main window shows the vnc screen of my Raspberry Pi 4, running Manjaro xfce 20 for Aarch64. Memory consumption was 2.66 G out of 3.72 G.

Thank you Jonah for making this possible.

Looking forward for the moment when Aarch64 support will be fully integrated into Eclipse repositories, so I can make a new public Embedded CDT release with Aarch64 support (2020-09?).


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