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[embed-cdt-dev] Eclipse Embedded CDT on Raspberry Pi 4

Although not necessarily specific to CDT, but since it was the result of my request to run Eclipse Embedded CDT on Raspberry Pi 4, here is the first session doing active plug-in development on a Raspberry Pi:

The main window shows the vnc screen of my Raspberry Pi 4, running Manjaro xfce 20 for Aarch64 (the official 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS is still in beta and the vncserver is not yet functional).

Inside the right (big) window is the new Eclipse Platform Aarch64 built by Alexander Kurtakov, plus the Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment and the CDT plug-ins, while debugging my Embedded CDT plug-ins.

In the left (partly hidden) window is another Eclipse, started under debug by the right Eclipse. In the Project Explorer can be seen a blinky project that was created by the Embedded CDT plug-ins and compiled just fine.

The bottom left terminal shows a htop with a memory usage of 2.5 out of 3.7 G, which is still ok. The new board version with 8 GB should be more than enough.

In brief:

- the Raspberry Pi 4 is an amazing toy
- Eclipse on Aarch64 is becoming a reality

Thank you Alexander and Jonah for making this possible,


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