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Re: [embed-cdt-dev] EPP

> On 30 Jul 2020, at 16:47, Alexander Fedorov <alexander.fedorov@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The first step is to define the release cadence. Would you stick to release once a quarter or this will be too often?

well, it depends on what you mean by 'release'. plug-in release or package release?

plug-in releases generally happen when important issues are fixed, or new features are added, and do not have a cadence.

package releases will (hopefully) follow the Eclipse cadence.

> The next step could be an attempt to build with 2020-09 stream 

due to the manual way to update the epp packages, this becomes very difficult, since, in order to do it only once, I need the final cpp packages. 

if I do it now, I'll either miss all future changes that might occur to cpp, or have to redo the whole thing again and again. not a joy.

>> And how can I create the release record for the next release when I don't know what changes will be included, so what will be the version number?
> The only thing that you need to decide is: would you consider breaking changes for the next release or not.

ah, I know the semantics of the version numbers, but how can I tell if the changes are breaking compatibility, if they are enhancements or bug fixes?

unless the Eclipse Foundation has a crystal ball to tell the future, I personally have no idea what changes will come with the next release.



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