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Re: [embed-cdt-dev] EPP

> On 26 Jul 2020, at 11:39, Alexander Fedorov <alexander.fedorov@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ... I would propose to prepare another package for EPP

Ok, that's it, if it needs to be done... we'll do it sooner rather than later.

I forked the epp git at 2020-03, I added 'epp.package.embedcdt' via copy/paste from 'epp.package.cpp' and I added the new features.

For start I had to do a few small changes to the parent pom.xml (like adding the p2 url for my plug-ins); perhaps you know a better way to do it.

The result is functional, I can build the 3 archives locally, without the dmg, which was temporarily disabled.

> The public URLs are also is not that important

Then I'll start with urls like '/packages/2020-03'

>  not a fan of inheritance ... I would suggest to use feature composition ... you cannot "uninherit"


I don't mind how we do it and how we call it, I appreciate any suggestions on how to simplify the workflow, since as it is now I have to diff each new release to see what changed in CDT and manually apply the same changes to Embed CDT.


The new config is in, the embed-cdt branch.

For a while we'll keep this separate from upstream, until things stabilise. I'll also migrate this repo to the new eclipse-embed-cdt GitHub organisation.


The next step is to run the build on Jenkins and publish the results.



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