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Re: [embed-cdt-dev] Introduction

> On 14 Apr 2020, at 00:24, Donald Wilde <dwilde1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 68020 was an absolutely breathtaking chip.

it was, but in the 80s it was out of reach in Eastern Europe, plus that, if I remember right, it was not available as DIL, so technologically out of my capabilities (wire wrapping, Augat boards). my 68010 was the largest chip i ever touched.

>> Please follow it to the letter.
> I will validate it. I'm having some PC pains now but I will examine
> both blinky...

ok, thank you very much.

>> µOS++ may look not very active, but it is is fully functional, and in use in
>> several large projects.
> ... and this. :)

this is a bit more difficult to test, but you can take a look at the manuals:

>> I temporarily suspended development for developing the xPack tools needed to
>> build µOS++ and tests, and I'll resume development as soon as possible,
>> since I plan to use it in the new project templates.
> I'll take it as important.

for me it is important, it is the culmination of several years of thinking how to improve my workflow.

and, if there will new developments to the Embedded CDT plug-ins, most probably they will be around the xPack tools.

> I am here to support you, Liviu, not to get
> a swelled head about it.

this is an expression I had to check in the dictionary, and I'm not sure I got it right. :-(

anyway, I feel guilty for pushing so many things onto you. 

you don't have to agree with all those things, and I'd appreciate more to know where I was wrong and how to improve things. 

and I'm also aware that my documentation is not as clear as it should be, so any help to improve it is also highly appreciated.

let's move further discussions to the forum.



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