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Re: [embed-cdt-dev] Introduction

> On 13 Apr 2020, at 21:47, Donald Wilde <dwilde1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> first SBC had an Intel 8086 sixteen-bitter but what I
> sold in the computer stores were Osborne and Kaypro CP/M Z80's.

No i8088/8086 here. I started with 8080 + cassette tape and wrote several CP/M bioses, then I managed to get a 68010, and did a SBC with it, running CP/M 68K. after working with 68K, when I first read the 8086 manuals, I decided to never touch it. my next computer was a 386, running unix.

> Our focus is the tool set, yet. Not a problem; that's what I'm here for.


>> Another things for you to check is to follow the blinky tutorial, up to
>> getting the emulated board blink the leds, and let me know what do you
>> think.
> I did that already, with the ST version of the tools. Most of their
> stuff is just marketing wrapped around the Eclipse tools and demos.

I mean this tutorial:

Please follow it to the letter.

And please try to follow the installs steps, with xpm, as described in

>> And, since you said you have C++ experience, you might also take a look at
>> the µOS++ project, which I plan to use for the templates, along with
>> FreeRTOS.
> Yes, I will.

µOS++ may look not very active, but it is is fully functional, and in use in several large projects.

I temporarily suspended development for developing the xPack tools needed to build µOS++ and tests, and I'll resume development as soon as possible, since I plan to use it in the new project templates.



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