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[egit-dev] 5.10 release ahead

Yesterday I contributed v5.10.0.202012021225-rc1 to the release train's 2020-12 RC1.

There is one week left until the final 5.10 release which will be part of the Eclipse simultaneous release 2020-12.
Please move changes which should reach 5.10 to the stable-5.10 branch.
I plan to tag the final 5.10.0 release on Tuesday next week (Dec 8).
The 5.10 release will be published jointly with the simultaneous release 2020-12 on Dec 16.

I bumped the version to 5.11 on the master branch so that the work for the next release can start.
Looks like the next release doesn't need to be a major release since there are no breaking changes
proposed on the next branch yet. We can reconsider this if the need for a major release arises.


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