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[egit-dev] why does egit depend on a different "version" of the commons http then default eclipse?


if you download the default sdk that doesn't have egit you get 


and also 1 commons codec:


because that http client depends on that version

but if you get an install with egit included (like he one you get by default on eclipse)

then you suddenly have another http client besides the above one:


and because that one has suddenly a different dependency on codec you get also a duplicate codec jar:


besides that this is all duplicate, i also have suddenly when i build our product on top of 4.17 and the latest egit a problem when launching
I think that is a bug in the launch config checker because it complains that 1 code is not there (but it is checked, everything is checked)
i can work around it a bit by unchecking certain http stuff i think (didn't test this fully)

But can egit/jgit be fixed that they http feature is not depending on that specific http client but be more inline with the standard eclipse one?


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