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Re: [egit-dev] testing,3891

On 08/16/11 15:27, Dariusz Luksza wrote:
> I'll look on this today. I think I need some break from debugging Eclipse platform and
> Team Framework to add non-workspace files in workspace model ;). I think that by the next
> Monday I'll provide some memory usage and performance improvements for change set model ;)

I've just pushed base commit[1] for improving Git Change Set model performance and memory
footprint. Same as in Workspace model improvements this change contains cache implementation
that will retrieve all needed data at the begging of synchronization and reuse those data
during synchronization process.

Now comes the harder part for refactoring current Change Set implementation. I think, I'll
split workspace and change set providers. It is possible that during refactoring additional
data will be needed in cache, in such situation I'll amend change #4054 and add required data.


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