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Re: [egit-dev] Selected files are not add to commit

2011/7/4 Erwin Mueller <erwin.mueller@xxxxxxxxxxx>

On Monday, July 04, 2011 06:06:50 PM you wrote:


> is another one under /sscontrol/sscontrol~cli:


> /sscontrol/.project

> /sscontrol/sscontrol~cli/.project

Yes, that's correct.


> Effectively the second one is then nested into the first one (in terms of

> nesting folders in the file system).

> If you import both these projects into the same Eclipse workspace you will

> hit the problems I mentioned

> since the Eclipse resource model doesn't handle this situation (projects

> nested in the same folder tree)

> cleanly, which will cause weird problems in egit. The level of weirdness

> depends on the Eclipse platform

> version you are using, a real solution from the platform is only promised

> for Eclipse 4 (see the bug I refered to).

That is how the maven-eclipse plugin works. I don't have any strange behavior except Egit.

probably other plugins spent the effort to workaround some of the problems caused
by this behavior of the platform.


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