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[egit-dev] Selected files are not add to commit


I have two similar projects in Eclipse, both are using Git. With the one project I can select files in the package explorer, go to commit and the selected files are checked in the commit window. In the second project if I select any file, the file is not checked in the commit window. No files are checked at all.

Both projects are maven projects, with one parent project and inside one child project. The file structure looks like this:


* .git

*-> child-project

Why is that, that with the first project I can select the files to commit in the package explorer window, but not with the first?

I have attached two screenshots of the dialog for the two project how the git repository is configured. egit_a.png is the working project, egit_b.png is the project where it's not working. You can see that with project a) I have different choises then with project b).

I don't know why there is a difference, I like to select the files to commit in the package explorer window.

Kind regards, Erwin.


Erwin Mueller

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