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Re: [egit-dev] Can one get the install file itself?

2011/6/24 Curt Danielsen <curt.danielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
     Thank you for your response. My experience is using You can download the SDKs, ADTs, and NDKs in file format. From there, you can use eclipse to import and install them. That is what I'm looking for on the e-git site. I don't see the files that I can download. My engineering colleague just pointed eclipse at the and installed the software. That is works for our internet connected system, but not the isolated system. If I could find the e-git files and updates, that would be great.

You may use the p2 mirroring tool to mirror the official egit p2 repository to one of your internet
connected machines [1]. There are also some ant tasks to embed this into an automated process [2].


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