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Re: [egit-dev] Can one get the install file itself?

Eclipse update sites are just web sites in a standard format so if you work out how these work you can just save the files manually – eclipse can be configured to install updates from local directories or zips – this isn’t really an egit specific question.


The other option may be to setup an eclipse instance exactly how you want it. Copy the entire eclipse directory onto cd/dvd and then copy it off onto each computer that you want to use it on.





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     So far, a posting on bugzilla with the user community yielded no response. My question is:


Are the install and update files available separately for download?


The reason I need this is I have an isolated network. I need to put the files  cd or dvd, with install instructions, so I can install this software on our isolated (non-internet connected) system.


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you & have a great week!

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