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Re: [egit-dev] Building and testing EGit -- targeting #302549 resolution

2011/6/16 Benjamin Gandon <benje@xxxxxxxxxx>
Le 15/06/2011 15:52, Matthias Sohn a écrit :
2011/6/15 Benjamin Gandon <benje@xxxxxxxxxx>
Hello EGit developers,

I'm new to EGit development and to Eclipse plugin dev in general.
Sorry in advance if my questions are basic.

My goal here is to develop, test, and submit a patch that enables the --follow feature of git log that is not available in EGit.
(See also the bug #
302549 about this.)

that's great :-) 

You may consider to add this functionality first to jgit CLI (class org.eclipse.jgit.pgm.Log)
and maybe also jgit API (class org.eclipse.jgit.api.LogCommand)
to get the jgit part right and then do the integration with the history view.

Actually I already had 80% of the work done.
Porting the --follow feature of JGit into the GitHistoryPage class was just about setting a FollowFilter as tree filter of the current walk (well in the right circumstances).

My problem was just how to test that. I finally realized I could use a dedicated test instance of Eclipse. In which I would install EGit with this update-site archive generated by the build process. I added a section about that in the contributor guide.

This works but it's a quite expensive way to test a new feature.

Instead just launch EGit from the Eclipse instance you are using to implement the feature,
add a launch configuration :

- click "Run > Run Configurations..."
-  select "Eclipse Application"
- click "New Launch Configuration" button in the top left corner
- name the new configuration e.g. "EGit"
- in the Plugins tab you can see which plugins get started, by default these are all plugin available in platform + all plugins available from
  the open projects
- click "Run"

this will start another Eclipse instance you can use for testing, if you want to debug start the same configuration
in debug mode : click "Run > Debug Configurations...", select your launch configuration and click "Debug"

This is very basic Eclipse know-how I think it's a bit too basic to include that into the contributor guide ...
what do you think ?


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