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[egit-dev] Building and testing EGit -- targeting #302549 resolution

Hello EGit developers,

I'm new to EGit development and to Eclipse plugin dev in general.
Sorry in advance if my questions are basic.

My goal here is to develop, test, and submit a patch that enables the --follow feature of git log that is not available in EGit.
(See also the bug #
302549 about this.)

My first question is about building EGit.
Following the contributor guide instructions, I managed to build JGit and EGit with maven 3.
JGit build succeds, but EGit build
fails. Unit tests pass, but several UI tests (swtbot) break.
(I'm first building the unmodified EGit code from master branch. I use maven 3.0.3 in a Cygwin bash console.)

Question #1: Should I care about those failures ? Or are they OK ?

My second question is about testing my modified version of EGit.
The Contributor Guide only tells about a
testing instance at

Question #2: Is it possible for me to test locally ?
Do you have any document URL where I would understand how to proceed ?
Or is the use of a testing instance at mandatory ?

Thanks in advance for your answers!


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