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[egit-dev] Synchronize team menu and platform contributions

I would like to clean up a little bit context menu in sync-view, so
that menu entry's like:

* Maven
* Team
* Run as
* Debug as
* etc.

would not be displayed in this context.

Those actions appear in context menu after commit d5a8ae0f, that was
enabling mylyn's 'Open corresponding task' feature. Now I would like
to revert this change. I've checked how CVS and SVN plugins behaves
and both *don't* allow platform contribution in sync-view context
menu. If those plugins support 'Open corresponding task' action it
means that there is another way to implement this.

Now, from my point of view we paid too high price for this feature.

Does anybody has something against reverting d5a8ae0f?

Best regards

GSM: +48 695 192 160

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