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[egit-dev] Regression in selected files?

I'm pretty sure that EGit used to select all untracked files by default in the commit dialog. Yet if I create a new file and click on 'commit' it's not selected.

If a file was already under Git control, then it is selected.

This might lead to confusion in the end user - for example, I created a new file, right clicked on it and went to 'commit'. But the file wasn't selected, so I couldn't commit it. If I had had a different file changed and clicked on my new file to do a 'commit' then I'd have been able to blow through the dialog and commit a different file from the one I was meaning to.

If we aren't going to select untracked files by default, then we should at least select all the files that are selected in the selection window (or children of that selection) so as not to confuse others.



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