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[egit-dev] GitMoveDeleteHook spec

I wonder what your ideas are regarding what the GitMoveDeleteHook. Here
is what I think.

1 Moves inside a repo

1.1. A Move of something inside a repo in EGit will change the index to
reflect that a path has been moved.
1.2. A Move of something inside a repo in EGit should not change the
SHA-1 of corresponding dircache
    entries, i.e. if you move a file or project with unstaged changes,
the unstaged changed shall be
    unstaged also after the move.
1.3  A Delete of something inside a repo should delete those resources
from the index.
1.4. A Move/Delete on conflicting entries shall affect stage 0 only.

2 Moves of resources containing repo
2.1 The User should be able to move a project or folder containg a repo
(or get an error until that works)
2.2. Special care is needed for moving repos in and out of other repos.
Immediate reaction, NO, but that
is not really reasonable since we may want to do that anyway.
2.2 a A move of a repo to within another: Does the use want to create a
git subproject, a subtree merge,
or just move the project and repo or just move the content of the repo.

3. Moves of resourcers between repo
3.1 Handle staged/unstaged as in 1.1
3.2 Mixed cases (shudder)

The Commit Dialog of today does not really respect the state of the
index. That should be fixed, so it
works more like Git Gui.

-- robin

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