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Re: [egit-dev] EGit / JGit - git-blame support

2011/3/16 Stefanos Antaris <santaris@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Shawn,

i am completely excited about how you have designed Git.I have made some
changes to fix the bug(implement the feature) but i have a problem on
how to build git and test my changes.I have downloaded Git using the
Contributor Guide[1] and the already installed EGit plugin for Eclipse
Helios but i don't know how to build it as long as there are some
dependencies (e.x. jetty) and i have never worked with maven
before.Could someone please help me to work with it?

  • For your Eclipse setup you best import the team project set given here [1]. 
  • for the JGit HTTP tests you also need to install Jetty [2]. 
  • In case you also want to run EGit UI tests  you need to install SWTBot [3]. 
  • For the maven build install the latest Maven 3 release [4] and follow [5].

Anything missing in the contributor guide ?


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