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Re: [egit-dev] egit synchronize - saving changes

On 02/22/2011 11:06 PM, alvaro sanchez wrote:
> I am experiencing a problem when trying to save changes while using
> the Synchronize view with eGit,
> from the compare editor I use "copy current change from right to left"
> The actual change is reflected in the left side,
> Then I save the change,
> From  the synchronize view, I double click the same file again and the
> difference is still there i.e. previous save did not take effect
> I'm seeing the issue in 0.11.1 as well as in 0.11.3
> the synchronization view is populated with the difference from
> workspace to a local branch.
> Is this a known issue ?

I would rather say that this is a know feature then known issue. When
I was implementing this part of synchronization I've decided that compare
editor would be presenting changes only in read-only mode.

I've made that decision because of Git Change Set mode where you can
review incoming and outgoing commits. You can also check what parts of
file was modified between two adjacent commits. In this case you can't
change anything in committed files, therefore compare editor are always
in read only mode.

Now, when the main functionality is already implemented, we can think how
we could enable moving right to left and other way around only for uncommitted
changes. Currently it seams to be an easy task, but as everything it require
some time to be implemented.

Best regards

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