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Re: [egit-dev] Missing CloneCommand

On Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 5:40 AM, Thomas Hallgren <thomas@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking at the new and apparently much improved set of commands in the
> jgit api package. Really neat. I wish I had all that when I started
> implementing git support in Bucky in 2009 :-).
> There's one thing missing (to me at least, perhaps it's intentional) and
> that's a CloneCommand. That's a bit of a problem because now I need to
> figure out what is required to establish a clone. I guess it's essentially
> the same thing as creating an empty repository and then pull from the remote
> location, but there is probably more to it than that. Things like creating
> remote-tracking branches, checking out the initial branch, etc. Can someone
> please help with this? I guess there must be some similar code already
> written that I could take a look at?

As an FYI, there's a CloneCommand now in org.eclipse.jgit.api for 0.11

Sorry for the wait.


Chris Aniszczyk
+1 860 839 2465

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