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Re: [egit-dev] Git decorator - current implementation

Am 15.01.2011 04:04, schrieb Shawn Pearce:
> I have no idea how to program the Eclipse decorators.  Caching the
> results may help, but we run into a problem with figuring out when to
> expire the cached data to ensure we are showing live information.

In terms of Eclipse resources it's relatively easy to build an in-memory
cache of the tree with all the information. Cache refresh/expire should
be alined with resource change events. Those are guaranteed to be
triggered when the resource (file/folder) changes on the file system
(either automatically or via a manually triggered refresh).

Performance for decorators is always a pain point. I remember that I
rewrote the ClearCase decorators at least four times. We ended up with
an in memory model that was populated/updated in the background (Eclipse
jobs). So for each IFile there was a ClearCaseFile and for each IFolder
there was a ClearCase folder. One last major improvement I remember was
reading a complete tree at once. Previously we had to issue ClearCase
calls (cleartool process on Unix/Linux, JNI/DLL on Windows) for each
resource individually (the API sucked). However, cleartool executable
was able to output the status for a complete tree at once in a
reasonable performance. Thus, I wrote an ANTLR parse for reading the
output and we ended up with great decorator performance.


Gunnar Wagenknecht

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