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Re: [egit-dev] [mylyn-reviews-dev] Meeting in Germany

To get an idea about the schedule next week I created a public Google calendar for the
meeting and granted edit rights to all who are on the list 

SAP external participant have to register on arrival at the reception of building 3. 
You have to sign a document about the visitor terms for entering SAP buildings to get the 
security cards needed to pass the entrance. They will call me so that I can pick you up.

I propose we start the opening session on Monday at 10:00 with an introduction round 
and afterwards agree on the agenda for the week. 

To enable adjusting this proposal to your travel plans everybody please
create calendar entries in the Google calendar giving your arrival and departure times. 
As soon as we gathered this I will adjust the schedule for the opening session if needed.

If you already have other agenda proposals feel free to enter them into the calendar.


On Wednesday we'll have a trip to Speyer (map:
to visit one of the oldest cities in the area. We'll organize car sharing next week.

We may start the with some sight-seeing (if you like), vote on this poll which proposal

Afterwards we'll find some good palatian beer and food in Domhof (with own brewery) 


I will try to attend the mylyn project call tomorrow, in case there are any questions
we could discuss them on the phone.


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