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Re: [egit-dev] [jgit-dev] Verified category on Gerrit Code Review

2010/12/20 Shawn Pearce <spearce@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I just restarted Gerrit with the "Verified" category added back into
the configuration.  Project committers now also need to tick the
verified +1 box to submit a change.  The box was added back to the
configuration to support automated change testing coming from Hudson.
Matthias is configuring a Hudson CI server to download pending
changes, compile and run unit tests, and vote -1 if the build fails.

A -1 in the verified category does not prevent submission of a change.
 But a +1 is required to submit.  This allows a committer to submit a
change that Hudson CI voted -1 on, in case the Hudson system isn't
working right.  We may later revisit this and update the configuration
to make -1 a blocking score (similar to Code Review -2).

The hudson voter almost works ;-)
but currently still fails :-( with a fatal error complaining it can't start maven,
most probably since we are the first ones to run Maven builds on the 
sandbox hudson.

These builds run on the sandbox hudson since the Gerrit Trigger [1] is a new Hudson
plugin for Eclipse and the Hudson admins first want to see that it's a good citizen 
before they install it on the main hudson instance.

Find the HudsonVoter build job for jgit at 

This problem is tracked here

As soon as this is working properly the HudsonVoter will help catching
compile and test errors while the changes are still in review.



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