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[egit-dev] Fwd: [e4-dev] msysgit+ custom editor + win 7

I know this is not really your area, but was wondering if you had any insight.

Paul Webster

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From: Dimitar Georgiev <>
Date: Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 8:37 AM
Subject: [e4-dev] msysgit+ custom editor + win 7
To: E4 Project developer mailing list <e4-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>


I just wanted to ask if somebody has been able to configure msysgit to correctly use anything else than vi. 'Correct' here means that when using git commit --amend, only one file will be opened - the commit message file, and the variables will be correclty passed so that the contents of the commit message file are the previous message of the commit one's trying to ammend.

I struggled for quite a while but none of the stuff on the net seems to help me achieve what i want.

Whatever help on the topic will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I don't insist on using notepad++ - whatever windows editor will be OK, provided it copes correctly with whitespaces, unlike notepad.

Cheers, Dimitar

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Paul Webster
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