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[egit-dev] EclipseProxySelector

I hope someone can help with this: The EGit UI plug-in sets a proxy selector during startup. This class does some sort of protocol to proxy type mapping and then issues a
IProxyData data = "" type)
Unfortunately, this method is deprecated.
First of all, there is not documentation about this class whatsoever, so I’d like to understand the purpose of it and add javadoc if at all possible.
Or perhaps we find out we don’t need this at all?
Assuming that this is still needed, I am wondering whether replacing above call with something like
        URI queryUri = new URI(type, "//" + host, null); //$NON-NLS-1$
        final IProxyData[] dataArray =;
        for (IProxyData data: dataArray) {
would be the correct way to rectify the deprecation warning.

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